The inspiration for this No!Name collection was a combination of the archetypes of the desert cowboy and the vintage circus strongman. I was also inspired by menswear in the 1970s and the Three Dollars Trilogy directed by Sergio Leone. I wanted to convey a rustic feeling of vintage 70s grain, like you were in the desert herding cattle and lifting weights.


My design handwriting is bright, graphic, and kitsch, and I attempted to convey this in this collection primarily with my use of fabrics. The bold oranges and animal prints combined with the relaxed, youthful silhouette articulate a borderline costume feel, gratuitously Western in an Italian way, which I believe is very in line with my design style.


In line with the strongman archetype, I incorporated both leopard print and stripes into my fabrics as they were typically used in circus costumes. The fringe is a clear hallmark of cowboy stereotypical fashion, with shaped yokes also commonly seen on vaqueros and the like. This collection is intended to appeal to men 18-35, who are free and unique, reckless and unafraid.